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This paper assesses the behavior of a 19-year-old college sophomore who began using large amounts of crack cocaine because he was feeling stressed-out over his final exams. Kris began having delusional beliefs that he was being followed by a detective that was hired by his parents. He also thought that his roommate was a hostile spy who had been observing his actions and reporting them to the college president. When Kris threatened to hurt his roommate, the campus security was called, and Kris was brought to the emergency room. During his emergency room evaluation, Kris reported sleeplessness and auditory hallucinations that keep suggesting that he blow up the registrars office. He was then admitted to the hospital where hospital psychiatrists immediately administered low doses of antipsychotics and sleeping medication. when he woke up three days later, about the time his parents showed up, he seemed to be recovered but he didn't seem to remember the episode.

Kris's parents didn't seem very worried about Kris's visit to the hospital, in fact, they were in denial of the situation, even when a drug screening for cocaine came back positive. This paper argues whether Kris's behavior is abnormal through a culture's perspective, Generation's perspective, and an Individual's perspective. Also, an explanation of Kris's behavior through the aspects of various psychologists is described. Finally, classification of Kris's behavior, possible disorder and treatment is discussed 7.

Table of Contents

Page 4: Introduction, Is this abnormal behavior?- Culture's perspective

Page 5: Is this abnormal behavior?- Generation's perspective and Individual's perspective

Page 6: Is this abnormal behavior? Individual's perspective cont.., How would different psychologists explain this behavior?

Page 7: Classification and Diagnosis of Behavior.

Page 8: Classification and Diagnosis of Behavior cont...

Page 9: References.

Is this abnormal behavior?

Kris's substance abuse is considered abnormal throughout...

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