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When it comes to the oppositional viewing of Pretty Woman, I agree that from this movie, most people develop their definition of a prostitute to be like that of Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts). I must admit that I myself fall into this symbolic annihilation. After dissecting pretty woman I strongly feel that it reinforces the hegemony in our culture, gives a false sense of prostitution, and it reiterates what Stewart Hall said in the GRC that states; "...when our formations seem to be simply descriptive statements about how things are"¦" The title supports ideology in that we use the portrayal of Vivian to make up a truth to what prostitution is.

. From the opening scene, one can tell that hegemony; the patriarchy is prominent. The business party portrays white upper-class business-suited men mingling. There are only a few ladies there, the ones that are are acquaintances of these men.

When we first see Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) he is revealed as the ringleader of these businessmen. However, he is very busy and eager to leave the party. He cannot drive very well and gets lost in a familiar town, showing that he has been brought up and confined to a life of limos and luxury.

When we first see Vivian she is in bed, in her underwear, with the music "I'm a wild one" playing in the background. She has only $1.00 to her name and has to use marker to fix a scuff on her hooker boots. She also lives and works on Hollywood Blvd., one of the most notorious streets for prostitution. There is not any portrayal of dominant feminine figures, all we are shown in women from the girls in the bars, prostitutes, and Stucky's wife Elizabeth, who is obviously only around for...

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