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The Industrial Revolution was a major turning point in American history. During the turn of century many people, such as farmers and immigrants, migrated to cities to work. Immigrants arrived from all around the globe to labor in factories where their owners had absolute power. Many new inventions helped changed our economy. The Industrial Revolution changed the way Americans worked and lived. There were many negative effects of the Industrial Revolution on laborers and they made many attempts to improve their lives. The Industrial Revolution had many negative effects on laborers. The practice of employing children, women, and immigrants to work in factories for low wages was profitable for factory owners. Many people were injured or even killed working in these bad conditions in factories. Not only did they get hurt but they also made little money and worked long hard hours. For example Radie, a factory worker who worked in a factory mill conditions in factories was sometimes many workers got killed due to the dangerous machinery and because there weren't any laws requiring fire exits in case of a fire.

As a result of no exits so women wouldn't have died. Due to the owners greed, and the fact that there was no law declaring that an owner must have atleast one fire escape, many girls jumped out of the windows of the factory causing there death. When the fire department arrived at the scene the factory widows were blocked, and most of the girls died before they reached the ground. For instance one girl died because she jumped out of the window and hit a tree. Another girl broke her ankle because it hit a steam pipe. Six others were burned to death because they couldn't find a way out. (Doc #2.) This catastrophe could have been avoided if factories would have been more careful and had better working conditions. This proves that most factories were unsafe and had awful working conditions. owners resented unions were because they feared the thought of socialism. Socialism is an economic system in which all members of a society are equal owners of all businesses; members share the work and the profits. The AFL won shorter working hours and better pay for workers. By 1902 the AFL had about 1.7 million members. (Doc #3) In the next two decades labor unions helped change the way all Americans worked. Another way people helped improve working conditions was by forming the National Child Labor Committee (NCLC). The NCLC helped pass laws that led to sharp reductions in the number of children employed in industries. The NCLC specifically wanted people to look out for employing children and if so such instances would be brought to court. (Doc # 7.) These are just a few ways, which helped further advance the working conditions of laborers. There were many negative effects of the Industrial Revolution on laborers and they made many attempts to improve their lives. In the late 1800s, many people worked long hours, received little pay, and worked in very dangerous working regions. This then led to the formation of certain labor unions such as the AFL and the NCLC, which tried to improve workers lives, for example they tried to get better working conditions, shorter working hours and better pay. The Industrial Revolution changed many Americans lives.

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