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The American Dream is different in every-ones eyes. For some people the American Dream is a chance to get out of their country and go to a new one, maybe in search of a better life! In some countries, you do not have the freedom to speak your mind, to work to own your own home, have vacations, no religious freedoms etc.. People come to the U.S.A. to get away from their old life, like Sam and his brothers. They came to America to have a better life and throughout their lives they pursue the American Dream. As Jules and Izzy get older, their American Dream differs from their Fathers' dream.

When Sam and his Brothers first arrive in America, they arrive on the Fourth of July. They have no clue what the holiday is but as time goes on they come to know what it means. They have come to America to pursue better economics, getting away from their old country Russia.

As time goes on, their American dream comes true. They own their own Wallpapering business and they had a tight family circle. Sam worked two jobs to keep them in good economical state. Instead of using a loan or a bank, the family had their own circle in which they would pull and save money for other family members to come. In Sam's eyes life was about family. Everything had to do with family.

Throughout the movie, you see the difference between the younger generations dream and the older generations dream. Izzy and Jules are more about taking risks and making more money. Izzy and Jules own an appliance store and instead of being content with, what they have they risk everything and try and open a larger store. Izzy and Jules are absorbed in the...

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