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September 11, 2001 is a day that will never be forgotten. This is the day that our lives were changed forever. These acts of coward ness changed our security, the way Americans treat each other, and our feelings on war. America will never be the same.

Ever since the planes were high jacked and crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon the security of our nation was changed. People cannot go any where with out Identification. The Presidents and other leaders of Americas have tripled security whether they are in meetings or eating lunch. Airport security has changed. Now when you go to fly there are guards walking around with M16 guns. People can no longer check in there bags at the curb or online. They must do it there. Now anyone who is not fling is not allowed in the terminal. Once you get on the plane there are now air marshal on the flight to help prevent any high jacking.

Americans days of convenience are over.

When the planes hit the World Trade Center many lives were lost. This was supposed to cripple America. The attacks were supposed to make us live in fear. They only made America stronger. Men and Women put their own lives in danger to save the lives of people they never meet. Firefighters came from everywhere to help. Many of the firefighters were not even getting paid to be there. Some were turned away due to the abundance of help. Hundreds of New Yorkers went down to the site with food and clothes for the workers when they heard that it was needed. New York asked for blood because they where low. Millions of Americans across the nation went to their local blood centers to give. Many waiting in lines for up to three hours. People were even told to leave and come back another day due to the large response. The news said the rescue and rebuilding was going to be costly.

So people started given their money to help out. Musicians and actors raised money for the cause. These attacks have brought Americans closer toughter than they have been in years.

Before the attacks lots of Americans were against war and its effects on the country it was aimed at but after the attacks were placed on the hands of Ben Laiden America wants vengeance. We want this man brought to justice at any cost. Then it was made know that Afghanistan was harboring these terrorist, so now Americans say they should pay for it too. All of a sudden we support war. America wants to attack all of those responsible for this attack and their supporters. Since they killed thousands of Americans at the World Trade Center we want to kill them and their people. Americans now feel that military action is mandatory. We want vengeance at any cost.

America was sucker punched but was not knock down. We will make who ever did this pay. We will find their lives and their country mans lives expendable they certainly found ours to be. We will not rest until justice is served and the world is safe from coward attacks like the ones we suffered from.

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