America's Tragedies

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America's Tragedies The recent attacks on America are only 1 of the many tragedies of America. Even though the Titanic sinking wasn't an act of terrorism it was still a tragedy. In both events many innocent lives were lost. But also in both they created tremendous changes in our lives and laws. The Titanic sinking and the Terrorist attacks proved a point either purposely or accidentally.

Many lives were lost in both events. Mostly civilian lives that had nothing to do with what was going on. The people who died on the Titanic were just there for fun. They thought the ship was "unsinkable." According to what the media told them. They were given a false sense of security. Just like in the recent attacks. America was given a false sense of security by the government and the media. No-one believed that something to this magnitude could happen.

Both events caused major changes.

The titanic cause many shipbuilding and maritime laws to be changed. Like the number of required lifeboats on a ship. The recent terrorist attacks have caused a battle which might end in a war between the Middle East and the USA. We won't know till the time comes.

The terrorist attacks proved a point. That point is that we are very vulnerable. We never thought something like this could happen. Now we do. Us Americans would have never thought a few box cutters and some knives could kill thousands of people in just a few hours. Even the sinking of the Titanic proved a point. Nothing is invincible.

Those are just a few comparisons of 2 of the events that will always be in our history books and our hearts. Pray that no more events like these will happen. God Bless America.

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