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AMAZON.COM ?Isn?t it ironic that one of the biggest successes on the Internet sells books, a product that the medium was supposed to make obsolete?(4)? opened its virtual doors on the World Wide Web in July 1995 and today offers one of the Earth?s biggest selections, along with online auctions and free electronic greeting cards. thrives to be the world?s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online; electronics, computers, kitchen supplies, books, music, DVDs, videos, photo items, toys, baby and baby registry, software, computer games, video games, cell phones and service, tools and hardware, travel services, magazine subscriptions and outdoor living products (3). Basically provides anything for anyone at a sensible price.

The man behind this online masterpiece is CEO, founder,1999?s Time magazine ?Man of the Year?(6) Jeff Bezos. What started as a little online bookstore in the family garage, has now developed into one of the largest, diverse online businesses in the world(6).

A young Jeff Bezos saw the potential of the Internet and took the initiative. Many possible investors would tell him that he was foolish, and that there was no way it could work. Now, the man who was told it was impossible and that his ideas were worthless, is said to be worth from $2-$9 million dollars(1). has been highly criticized for being a non-profit organization. Some say that the company will not last long because of this. All profit gained goes back into the company, paying wages, expanding, creating partners, etc. This company strategy has been studied by business majors and discussed in Economic classes throughout the nation. has broken many key business rules in its seven years of existence, yet it remains the leading online retailer today. We...

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