What Are The Alternatives To Modern Day Monogamy?

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Malcolm D. McRae Jr.

Beck, 1101 MW Essay #2 7 October 2001 What are the alternatives to modern day monogamy? Modern day monogamy is a flop. Any person can see this by looking at the continual rise in divorce rates among monogamous marriages around the world. It is evident that marriage is on the brink of extinction in the United States with a divorce rate of over 50 percent, and this rate is continuing to rise (1). A book can be published with all the statistics of how marriages are continuing to fail in the United States and around the world, and the pace at which divorce rates are continuing to rise. It is very hard to even document or calculate how common it is that many monogamous relationships fail, because most people lose count of the failed relationships they have been in. Yet, the common person will still look at these statistics and say, ?monogamy, and marriage is the right way,? even though statistics say differently.

The most common reason monogamy is accepted as the proper relationship standard is because of religious, social views. It is evident that many people across the world just accept the religious and social views of their family and culture taught to them from birth, and not challenge these beliefs with logic and real life applicability. Only a person who has taken off the shades of social and religious prejudice, then becoming free from ignorance, can fully take advantage of the information presented within this essay. Once people come to a realization that monogamy is more and more becoming a social relationship standard of the past, they will then be able to fully understand the benefits found in polyamory.

Polyamory is a relatively new word created for relationships where an adult intimately loves more...

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