Almost everyone has a goal in life; a career, a

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Almost everyone has a goal in life; a career, a family, or maybe even an expensive sports car. If you are a student in high school, you should start thinking about what you are going to do after graduation. You will soon become an adult, so start thinking about where you have a passion for. Places like the Key Largo, one of the Florida Keys, and the average-sized town of Durango in south west Colorado make some people drool. To live in either place would be heaven because of many facts.

The Keys are a major tourist location, one of the most popular places to go for vacation, hence no privacy. Tourists have many good-looking daughters, though. There is not a thing better than females, so no privacy is not that disturbing. You may meet your soul mate there.

Average temperature above seventy degrees Fahrenheit, sunny most of the time.

Key Largo has a wonderful climate to many. Not to mention the fifty-two to fifty-six inches of rain on average. Val Parker, a former resident of Miami, said "South Florida is one of the most relaxing places I've ever been because of the warm temperature and sun." There are occasional hurricanes, however, and they are a big threat to kill. If your house is made of brick and has a sturdy foundation, there should be no worry.

Living on the beach would be "the life" to many. Sandy beaches, rolling waves, and a clear sky is the ultimate experience to this writer. The Keys are quite tiny, so there is not much room to move around. The Keys are only two hundred and twenty-five miles long and mostly made of swampy grassland. They are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean which you can see the whole time you drive along the two lane highway all the way down the short span of limestone land.

Key Largo is a wonderful place to live for many reasons. Durango, Colorado is almost completely opposite them. Durango's elevation is near six thousand feet more than southern Florida.

The privacy up in the mountains of southwest Colorado is like the place is deserted. Tourists or skiers usually head to Colorado Springs in eastern Colorado or Aspen. Durango is isolated. It is not even considered one of the major cities of Colorado to World Book Encyclopedia.

The climate in Durango is great nearly seventy-five percent of the year. The other portion is wet and soppy. The average temperature is eighteen to twenty-four degrees Fahrenheit in January, and that is the coldest it gets, so no one should worry about severe frostbite inside their homes.

Durango is in the Rocky Mountains, which are full of forests and wildlife. Bear and mule deer are among the most abundant outside the water. Durango lies on the Animas River, which is a very popular fishing hole. While the Parkers stayed in a cabin five minutes outside of Durango, mule deer meandered around the cabin, which was a beautiful thing to watch for them.

To live in either of the two cities would be heaven for all of those amazing facts. The location of where someone lives could change a person's lifestyle and it is a major part of everyone's life. To the writer, Durango is a magnificent, isolate town to live in. The magnificent view of the Rocky Mountains in the most amazing thing seen threw his two eyes, and every time he goes there, his heart pounds in excitement as if his chest is going to explode. Durango, Colorado is a thing, not a place, you must experience.