Allauiet On The Western Front

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The Experience of World War 1 was presented by book and visual by video. The "All Quiet on the Western Front" had differences and similarities in book and video.

The "All Quiet on the Western Front" basically shows how people in World War 1 live throw pain and suffering. Both book and video describes World War 1 but video was easier to understand.

The summary of book and video are similar. It is story about normal school boys who became an "Iron Youth". They had to go through hard and cruel training from Himmelstoss and last day of training they paid back to him by hitting him. By time goes on Paul and his friends are exhausted by the war. Paul had to see his best friend dying and his entire friend dying from war. Also he had little love with French chicks. But at last they are die without experiencing peace of the world.

The one of differences was that in the book the main character was in first person. In the book Paul, the main character, was talking to the readers. In that way I could understand Paul's feelings toward people better. On the other hand, video uses third person.

The book was really good at describing emotions. For example in Chapter7 when Paul says to his mom "And you must get well again, before I come back" and mother says back to him "Yes, yes my child." The love between mother and son were beautiful. When Paul was talking to his mom before he went back to his army that scene almost made me cry. Even though it was a book I could feel the pain Paul had to go through. He was hoping he should not come back home. He didn't feel like he was belonging to his house. He thought the war was where he belongs.

The last scene was different in movie and in the book. In the book it didn't explain exactly how he died. You can tell Paul is dying by "I am very quiet." But still it doesn't directly say that Paul is dead. But in the movie he became only one survival from his friend and while he was drawing the bird. It's more detailed.

Both the movie and book had some similarity and differences. They described World War 1's tragedy really well. One truth is that "All Quiet on the Western Front" was the most beautiful story I ever heard.

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