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Bonjour, j'mapelle Les. Take out your copy of phrase clais. Worksheet on the Profit and Loss AccountThis worksheet takes you through the various stages of constructing a profit & loss account, and shows you how to get profit & loss account information from the Extel data. Though the data does not have all the profit and loss account items, it does have the most important and we can construct an outline profit and loss account from it. Step 1 - Finding Profit & Loss account informationFirst of all we need to establish what profit and loss account information is available in the Extel data. Go to the FT data, look at the list of variables available and fill in in the table below the ones you would expect to find in a company's profit and loss account:-Variables Right / wrong? Now go to the answers to fill in the second column and check whether you were right.

If you are unsure of the meaning of any of the variables, you may like to go to the definitions and check them out or back to the explanation of the profit & loss account. Step 2- The whole profit & loss account - can you get it to a profit?The next stage is now to try to put together the whole profit & loss account. Go to the Extel data and choose two companies. Ask for all the relevant variables, and in the table below try to construct their profit & loss accounts. If at any time you get stuck you can always go back to the explanation of the profit & loss account or the specific definitions of each of the variables. Profit & loss accounts for __________ & __________VARIABLE COMPANY COMPANY _________________ _________________ Sales revenue less cost of goods sold...

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