Alcohol And Pregnancy

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Feticide Laws: Smoking and Alcohol During the early months of pregnancy the growing fetus is vulnerable to the effects of teratogens, which are substances that are harmful to the unborn infant. Two particular teratogens that can harm the unborn fetus are tobacco and alcohol. The placenta, which is formed early in pregnancy and nourishes the unborn infant, cannot protect the fetus from these two substances as they pass through it. Many pregnant women are aware of the fact that these substances can harm their baby, but still they choose to drink and smoke. Mother's who intentionally put their babies in danger by drinking and smoking, should be punished as if they were child abusers.

A pattern of research s, learning disabilities, and behavioral problems. In addition, the lower the weight at birth, the lower the chances are for than harm an unborn fetus, why do women choose to drink and smoke while they are pregnant? Yes, drinking and smoking can be an ad Richardson 2 n who knew they have these addictions are sleepingbody'smen, they should be on birth control or haves their tubes closed.

Manyh defects. Although no exact ws, "a person who causes death of, or bodily injury to child in utero at the time conduct takes place, is guilty of a separate o saying, "it is ludicrous to separate the child from the woman." Their reasoning behind this stand is irrelevant. "If the fetue medical decisions on their own behalf during pregnancy," said Lynn Paltrow, a reproductive-rights lawyer from the New York arecy the growing fetus is particularly vulnerable to the effects of teratogens, which are substances that are harmful to the unbor. The body cannot distinguish between a life Richardson 3 -saving medication and a life-threatening hallucinogen, or between a synthetic comp Ā Ā...

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