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I was very amazed at the literature given to me last week on the country Afghanistan. I started to do more research on their history as a people and a country. What really made me wonder was the fact that this country has had a lot of history taken away from it due to the war going on with religion. The country seems to be divided into a religion war. Many of the people who have built it and helped destroy it have been strong leaders in their beliefs. The country was strongly influenced in Buddhism. Unfortunately a lot of their statues have been destroyed. It seems that a lot of their history has been taken away or changed. They don't seem to have anything original (language, food, clothing etc.). Everything seems to have been dabbled into a little bit of everything. And maybe it is because of the fact that the country is located right next to a lot of different countries like China and India.

The biggest change yet is still to come.

The greatest influence on Afghanistan has been Usamah Bin Laden. He has built the strongest army in that country. He was born into a wealthy family and got the opportunity to receive a very high education unlike the rest of the population. The family has also been able to work with Islamic extremists groups. Ladin was a very respected man until Saudi Arabia asked him to return to the country and he refused. They destroyed his passport and then attacked his character. Since then he has turned to the Islamic nation and formed an army. He has around several thousand troupes around the world. I believe that a lot of his troupes are joining him because of their lack of history. A lot of...

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