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Affirmative Action There has been much controversy since the Bakke case, which was decided in 1978 allowing for affirmative action; selecting persons based on their racial group membership. For some, it is seen as a necessary tool for integrating a diverse student body in colleges whom would otherwise be unable to enroll. But others believe that affirmative action has created a large gap in racial relations in which it has exhausted and delayed racial improvements. Also, it has created a large gap in academic merit that has compromised the college system, which has shown to be unsuccessful for everyone involved. Therefore, it becomes clear that the evidence supports the position that affirmative action compromises academic success, it also does not include all groups fairly therefore hurting all of society.

In examining the argument against affirmative action, it is clear that it favors some, but not all groups. A case in point, Asians and various ethnicity's in the Latino communities have not benefited.

In California the four underrepresented minority groups are: African Americans, Native Americans, Mexican Americans and mainland Puerto Ricans. But according to James Q. Wilson who mentions the various groups says, "let us suppose for a moment that African Americans belong there because of past discrimination and the legacy of slavery. But on what grounds are Mexican Americans on the list and other Hispanics numerous in California-Guatemalans, El Salvadorans, Cubans-not" (301). Clearly, it is viewed as shifting discrimination of a few groups to others. In recent history, the Asians were discriminated in this country during the W.W.II period, however this group is not on the affirmative action list. Instead they lose space in universities, going to the other academic groups.

At Harvard University, with the top academic students both black and whites attending there, the racial gap of entrance...

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