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I very rarely watch a foreign film. Especially if I have to read subtitles because the film is in a different language. I feel like I can relate and understand American movies better. I can imagine what is going on in their heads during the movie. With foreign films, I am unable to get the full feeling I should be getting. America and all the other countries look at the same things in different ways. So two movies with the same topic can be two totally different films. Foreign films have a lot of the same subjects and topics as American made films but are acted out and shown in many different ways.

The movie Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker had the same topic as any other American movie would have. It was about a girl that was made master of her community because her father died leaving her in charge.

She wasn't suppose to marry so her title wouldn't be passed on to anyone else. Throughout the movie she started to fall in love with a semi-poor man who was hired to paint her doors. There are many American made films that have almost this exact same topic. It may be during a different time period or in a different area but they are still the same topic. Every country has the same type of movies whether it be an action film, love story, comedy, or Historical film.

The acting, filming, and setting is very different than the American films that I am used to. In the movie Red Firecracker, the setting took place in china. The acting in Red Firecracker was very different than the acting in American made films. The actors seemed more real and didn't seem like they were acting as much. The movie looked like it was really happening. In American made movies you can always tell that the actors are good or bad. When watching Red Firecracker I didn't even think about the acting. It was so good it was almost real. Compared to American made films, the Red Firecracker didn't have any action or things to really catch your eye. Most American Films have loud music at certain points to get you into the scene. The Red Firecracker was low toned and too the point. It didn't have any fighting or music or loud noises to enrich the movie.

Foreign films, Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker for example, are made to just be watched for their stated topic while American made films are made with many special effects, load music, and fighting to keep the viewers interested.

Foreign films look a lot different compared to American Films. Since America is known as a rich country that has everything, our movies have a lot of expensive stuff in them. For example, they always have the newest cars. houses, and cloths in the movies.

Stuff that they think everyone wants. On the other hand, the foreign film Red Firecracker had no major objects that stood out. They movie wasn't filled with expensive jewelry, cars, or clothing to make you watch or like the film. Red Firecracker made the watcher like the film for the story line.

The movie Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker was different from many films I am used too. I think that is one of the reasons I liked it so much. The movie didn't use any special effects, or expensive cars and materials to keep me interested in it. I found myself liking the movie because of the story line and the acting. Foreign films are acted out in a totally different way and portray a much different lifestyle.

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