Advertisements         In advertisements today, women and men are depicted as

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Advertisements In advertisements today, women and men are depicted as sex symbols and models of what everybody wants them to look like. For instance, women are usually advertised as needing to be sexy and innocent. Men on the other hand are advertised as strong and burly. The women are usually advertising housework, make up, or shampoo. The men are covered in dirt at a construction site while carrying a piece of timber or metal. In this essay, I am going to compare and contrast 3 advertisements that would make Susan Bordo drop to her knees.

In the first ad, it shows half naked teenage girls posing in front of a souped up 2000 Honda Civic. Not only are they posing in front of this car, but they are advertising performance car parts. What is better than having sexy young girls posing on this nice car? To many males (and some females) that is the perfect combination.

But for me, it is not the girls. It is that beautiful car! The lifestyles of these girls are common among the people who are interested in these costumed cars. They seem to live in an urban lifestyle. I can tell by the clothes that they are wearing. It is either that or they picked these girls right off a street corner. They also seem to be enjoying themselves and love doing what they do. It is hard to tell though. Behind those smiles could be someone about to go crazy with boredom. So I guess it is hard to tell whether they are happy or not. This is considered to be a pretty stereotypical ad for teenagers around the world.

The second ad is stereotypical for the young girl or woman worries about their appearance all day and night. It shows a woman...

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