The Advangtage Of Large University

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Some students like to study at a large university which has many students. Others want to attend a small college that has fewer students, I prefer to attend a large university that has many students. I have this point of view with following reasons.

First of all, large university usually has more faculties and facilities to assist your study in university than of that small one. Because a large university which has many students require more faculties and facilities to meet the needs of students. there are more majors and courses that students can choose, there is larger library with more books store in it that students can read and do research, there are more lab that students can take experiments as well.

Secondly, in a large university, you can be easier to meet more students who may come from many different areas in the country, and even there are some students from many countries in the world, then you can learn more cultures from them and make friends with them.

In short, if you attend a large university, you may have more majors and courses to choose, you may more convenient to do research in labortary and library, you may make more friends there. so I strongly support to attend a large university.

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