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Hitler the almost ruler of the world. In this essay I am going to cover interesting aspects of Hitler's life, how he almost came to have complete power over the world, what Americans did about it, and his family background.

Hitler was born at 6:30 in the evening on April 20,1889 in a small Austrian village of Braunau Am Inn. Hitters fathers name was Alois, and was born in 1837. Hitler's grandfather was part Jew so that made him and his father also part Jewish. Hitler's moms name was Maria Schicklgruber, When World War One hit Europe Hitler joined the German Army. Hitler was a fierce fighter; at one time he captured 21 men by himself, but was wounded by mustard gas and spent the rest of the war in the hospital.

When Hitler got out of the hospital he found work in a Munich as a carrier, that's when he came across the German Workers Party. He joined the party, and became one of the best speakers for the party. In 1920 Hitler became the head propaganda for the party, and in February he held the first mass meeting, and later dominated the party and turned the nation into communism.

The Americans did do a lot for the Jews. In the beginning when we were not in the war we brought them supplies such as food and medicine. Later we joined the war and fought to stop communism and to stop Hitler.

The Holocaust did not compare to human dignity and did not compare to justice, liberty and freedom. The Jews did not have any freedom whatsoever, they were rounded up and put into concentration camps and killed. There was no human dignity in Europe at that time and justice and liberty.

My feelings about this topic are that the Holocaust and Hitler was very wrong. I don't see how he could do this kind of cruelty to people especially to Jews when he is part Jew. Another feeling that I have is how people are still trying to be Nazis and still some countries are practicing communism. I hope that this problem that happened in the early 1900's does not happen a gain.

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