Abortion should be illegal

Essay by l_keefe May 2005

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I believe that abortion should be illegal, after all murder is illegal and I don't see a difference between the two. Many people think that it is the womans choice to have an abortion but I believe that getting pregnant is your own choice when you are sexually active. I really do not understand how a person could have an abortion, because really it is just killing the baby that you so happened to produce. Not only is this ridiculous it should be morally wrong. Not only can baby not speak for itself, or defend itself, but yet women feel the need to murder these innocent babies. I hope that more people start to realize that abortion is a crime, and an act or irresponsibleness. Hopefully more babies will have a chance at life if abortion was illegal. Many babies die each year due to other peoples actions. People should consider adoption or foster care or anything besides killing a baby.

Too many times do women have abortions then go through depression stages after ward and have many traumas later in life because of that decision that they have made. If i was a women and i got pregnant i would want to take full responsibility of my actions and not make this innocent baby that I have created suffer because of my immature actions. A lot of people that get pregnant at an early age wouldn't be able to support a baby financially or physically. This is why i suggest giving it up for adoption instead of considering abortion. Many children are benefiting right now because they have been given up for adoption when they so easily could have been aborted and never present to live this joyous life.

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