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A Poem of Loss and Remorse "Abortion,"� is one the biggest issues criticized in today's society as an "evil act"� or as "a choice"� for others, but society must also acknowledge the fact that the decision to have an abortion could be the most difficult decision a woman can take. The poem "The Mother,"� by Gwendolyn Brooks offers us a great insight into the life of a woman who opted for abortion many times, and also reveals us the feeling of pain for "the children she did not get (Brooks, 430)"� In this poem, Brooks describes the feelings of a woman who had many abortions and also describes us how this woman justifies herself by saying that she had no other choice. "The mother,"� is a very powerful poem that serves as a reflection of what many other women who opted for abortion are dealing with.

Every line in this justifies the meaning and the message the writer is trying to give.

The very first line and the title itself of this poem are quiet interesting for their content. The title of the poem itself "The Mother"� is an unusual way of entitling a poem about abortion; just by reading the title one will think that this poem is a regular poem about a mother. However, that is not the case in this poem, the first line of the poem starts with a powerful and peculiar word, "Abortion."� "Abortions will not let you forget,"� (Brooks 430) this sentence is short but declarative. The word "you"� is a key word on the first line for it grabs the reader's attention by putting the reader into the situation. And, it gets more interesting as she goes on and mentions the word "forget,"� forget what? Maybe she is saying that she will never...

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