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(Date) Name: Title/Job Description: Address: City/State/Zip Dear (name), I am writing to you in regards your pro-choice view on abortion. The fact is that abortion is unethical and destructive, and should be outlawed. My purpose in writing to you is not to attack your present beliefs, but perhaps to persuade you to consider the other side of this argument. There are several reasons why abortion is not right, and should not be practiced, the fact that of taking the life of a human is wrong, and it is harmful to the mother; mentally, physically, and emotionally. Another reason for its injustice is that it violates all religions and contradicts law. Though a female has the right to make decisions concerning her own body and her health, it is my opinion that this does not justify license to murder.

The main argument of pro-choice, or pro-abortion, supporters is that they don't consider a child to be alive until the mother is eight to nine months pregnant, some go as far as saying that life doesn't start until the baby is actually born, and out of the mother.

This in fact is an inaccurate assumption; life begins at the instant of conception. A few moments after the sperm and the egg meet, chromosomes are created; these chromosomes contain genetic traits. Some of these traits include hair color, eye color, handedness, and sex. This unique combination of traits marks the beginning of life. Two weeks after conception a yellow streak is prevalent; this streak is an undeveloped spinal chord, this makes it impossible for the embryo to split again. A week after that, the embryo is about two millimeters long and has started to grow visible external body parts such as legs and arms. Four weeks after conception, a heartbeat is detected, and...

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