Abn Smoking In Public Places

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Today we are used to going into a pub or resturant for a few hours and comming out smeeling of smoke. Even thought there are no smoking areas these areas are not keeping us away from the smoke. a pub is perhaps the most natural habitat for a smoker. it is a place where they can indulge in alcohol on tobbaco! But hopefully this could all be about to change forever! i think its about time to.

smoking Is a growing catastrope!Smokers increase there risk of lung cancer, throt ccancer, and heart disease. smokers put this risk upon theirselves but non-smoker are having to put up with other peoples dirty habits. why should we be forced to inhale other peoples smoke?

So far we have not done much to stop this habit why is this? we are trying to find cures for heart disease and cancer where as all we have to do is ban smoking in public places and the people who do smoke should just know the risks and if they get cancer from smoking that should just be a lesson to them and this might scare people to stop!

I think that we are in the 21st centuary if we can make things such as the internet and mobiles surely we should be able to stop this loathesome habit that is killing more and more people every year!

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