Abigial rejects authority, she shares the secret affair with Proctor,

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Abigial rejects authority, she shares the secret affair with Proctor, her boss. Because of this affair and her still yearning to be with Proctor, his wife, Elizabeth, fires her and her repetition is made impure. She and a group of girls, including the reverend daughter, Betty, go into the demon filled forest to dance and to drink charms around a fire. Abigail drinks a charm to kill Elizabeth. The girls' act of rebellion is looked down at but believed to be the action of a witch. The community uses the idea of witchery as the escape goat. They over look the idea of children rebelling against their parents and the idea of experiencing of sexuality. These girls have been raised to be pure and to have a repetition. Once Abigail loses her good repetition in her mind , something that hold great importance in the community, she has nothing to hold her back, she reject authority.

I believe that she is the head conspirator. That she is the true demon and that the parents should be fight against her and not Satan. Abigail has learned how to beat this manly religious based authority; She will frame the pure with the crimes she had committed. And while she is at it she is going to get her lost lover back. She is the antagonist, so far, in the play.

Salem is filled with devious thing that are covered with a good repetitions. In Salem that all you need and then you can blame anything on the devil. The idea of freedom, no matter how unimportant it is believed to be, will always come out and acts of rebellion will occur. In Salem, There are people that want to go out side and see what are in the forbidden forest, or who want to make the pure impure. They have decided to go against the religious authority and to live their lives. This doesn't mean hey are Satan's helper or that they are evil .You can still be a good person even thou you want to feel freedom and not always comform.

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