9th Life - This is a creative writing assignment which is an introduction to a horror story.

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While on vacation, I chanced upon a conch shell. I was always told that if you held one up to your ear, you would be able to hear the sweet sounds of the ocean. Shockingly, I found that this was completely untrue. I just kept hearing the same sentence over and over again. It did not matter to me because I couldn't make any sense out of it. The only thing to be heard was a voice saying, "While the lions are fighting, do not enter the den." I could feel the wind kick up and brush over me like the breezes in the savannah. Although the temperature measured forty degrees Celsius, a cold chill ran down my spine.

In pure madness I dashed back to the hotel as fast as I could. It was as if the world was going to end. Everyone on the beaches seemed to stare at me as if I were a madman.

After the cross-country race against the voices' power and complicated prophecy, I was completely breathless due to my asthma problem and I passed out just outside our room still holding the cursed shell.

Finally, when I opened my eyes in the hospital room in the main city of the island, I tried to explain what had happened with the shell. As often happens with young children, nobody believed me. Because I had passed out and bumped my head, everyone including the doctors thought that it was only a childish fabrication and that the lack of oxygen had perhaps made me see and hear things that never existed. I tried to convince my parents to listen carefully to the sounds of the conch shell, but they claimed to have heard nothing resembling what I had heard.

We returned home after the...

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