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The Cultural Revolution of the 1920's

The 1920's was an interesting time in American history. The time was known as the transitional period between World Wars, in which America sought a return to normalcy. The 1920's not only transformed the U.S. into one of the most powerful industrial and urban economies in the world, it created a new and exciting culture. Key events which shaped American society in the 1920's were, The Prohibition Act, jazz music, a woman's place in society, and immigration, among others.

A new culture in America emerged in the 1920's that was largely influenced by various groups, such as immigrants and African-Americans. These groups helped to create new types of dance, music, literature and food in America. In the late 1800's, immigrants from southern and eastern Europe, as well as Asians, and Mexican's came into America by the thousands. By the 1920's, Puerto Ricans, Indians, and African Americans helped to contribute to the multi-cultural makeup of Harlem, New York. Cities were heavily populated with Italians, Poles, and Russians as well. Many Asians called California home while Mexicans settled in the Southwester parts of the United States. Many came to escape the economic and political turmoil, as well as religious persecution of their native countries. The prospect of religious, economic and social opportunity

appealed to many immigrants. Prior to World War I, most Americans did not discriminate against immigrants and were welcomed into our country. Before long however, opinions formed and American's began to single out the foreign-born for taking jobs and crowding cities. "There is little or no similarity between the clear thinking, self-governing stocks that sired the American people and this stream of irresponsible and broken wreckage that is pouring into the lifeblood of America" (Miller 146). Miller speaks of the development of hatred...

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