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Our postmodern society has become dependent upon twenty-first century technology. This technology is developed to make our lives easier, more efficient, to encourage communication, and to enhance the quality of experience. Our society craves the latest technological fads and Internet crazes. We've become addicted to an entity that promises us a bigger, better, & brighter future. However, while technology appears to have made our lives easier in some respect, it has raised numerous issues that challenge the moral framework of every major corporation and government.

Orwell's 1984 is a haunting vision of a future with no future. A future where technology controls every aspect of an individual's life. Orwell introduces the concepts of The Ministry of Truth, The Thought Police, and BIG BROTHER. These omniscient entities continually monitor the movements, speech, and writings of every citizen.

Since Orwell's book 1984 written in 1948, we have developed methods to produce more advanced and less costly computer technology.

Value Added Networks continue to rise in popularity. Data warehousing (information availability) and data mining (information analysis) have become hot topics in today's world. Personal data that has always been available, but not easily accessible, is now computerized and merged with larger databases. These databases are linked to form massive data repositories. This practice is not limited to the private sector; government databases such as the Department of Motor Vehicles and criminal records are accessible to those willing to pay for access. The ability to desegregate personal information and profile individuals is easier than ever.

George Orwell's vision of the world is depicted primarily through the omni-present tele-screen. This piece of technology not only allowed BIG BROTHER to broadcast propaganda, but also monitored individual activities. Similar surveillance technology actually exists throughout the United Kingdom. Intelligence is gathered using inexpensive hardware cameras. Specialized software...

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